Eye Exams

eye exams bigDr. Gelner personally conducts every eye exam at Gelner Optometry, ensuring that you’ll get the benefit of her 30+ years of experience and judgment in figuring out the best way to improve your vision.

She combines this knowledge and attention to detail with a friendly demeanor and some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment in the industry, including:

-A visual fields machine to determine if your retina is in proper working order;

-A visual topographer, which shows Dr. Gelner the shape of your eyeball to help her match the proper contact or glasses “fit” for your needs;

-A state-of-the-art Optos machine to map your retina and identify potentially debilitating diseases before they manifest.

Best of all, Dr. Gelner accepts insurance from the vast majority of providers–you’ll get the best vision at the lowest possible prices available to you.

Contact Lenses

Dr. Gelner specializes in fitting contact lenses–the more difficult the fit, the better.

As a result, Dr. Gelner fits a wide variety of contact lenses, ranging from plain-old single vision disposables to bifocal/multifocal lenses, lenses that correct for astigmatism (so-called “football-shaped eyeballs”), and even rare lenses like oxygen-permeable hard contact lenses, which are customizable for those presenting truly unique contact fits.

Not only that, but Dr. Gelner fits a lot of daily soft lenses for athletes, allergy sufferers, and frequent travelers to ensure their peak performance and comfort under otherwise difficult circumstances.

Have a tough time finding anyone else that can fit you with contacts? Dr. Gelner has extensive experience fitting oxygen-permeable rigid contact lenses, which are custom-designed for the individual patient based on eyeball shape, optics, and comfort. 

In short, Dr. Gelner has never met an eyeball she couldn’t fit with a contact!


eyeglasses bigOur extensive selection of frames in our cutting-edge optical shop has something for everyone. Our list of designer frames reads like a “who’s who” from the catwalks of New York and Paris, sure to turn heads and impress wherever you go:

-Ann Taylor
-Banana Republic
-Calvin Klein
-David Green
-Diane Von Furstenberg
-Juicy Couture
-Kate Spade
-Lilly Pulitzer
-Maui Jim
-Michael Kors
-Ralph Lauren Polo
-Tori Burch

Additionally, for those of us on a budget, we have a wide variety of less expensive, yet stylish, frames available. Regardless of your choice, let Dr. Gelner and our frame specialist, Helen Carte, pick the right look to bring out your personal style.


machines 300 px wideNeed a referral to a Lasik specialist? Looking for the best surgeon for your cataract surgery? Or maybe you have a different eye care problem that requires the special talents of a local ophthalmologist?

Dr. Gelner will be happy to guide you to the finest in the field.

Call us today at (314) 434-2626.

Vision Insurance Plans

We accept almost all national vision plans. Some of the larger St. Louis-area employers that offer these plans are:

Express Scripts
Lucent Technologies
Parkway & Rockwood Schools
Southwestern Bell

Not sure what insurance your company is on? Check with your human resources department about your plan, and give us a call at (314) 434-2626–there’s a good chance we’re on it!

Dream Lenses

Orthokeratology is a procedure using reverse geometry oxygen permeable contact lenses to treat nearsightedness and astigmatism. The Dream Lenses are custom designed for each patient’s eyes (and thus non-returnable) based upon the individual patient’s corneal mapping (topography) and prescription. These contact lenses are corneal molds not to be used by any other patient, nor are they to be used in the opposite eyes. The right Dream Lens is reddish orange in color, the left Dream Lens is yellow in color.

Gelner Optometry is proud to be one of the very few places to fit Dream Lenses in the St. Louis area. For more information, please call us at (314) 541-3405.